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Is this a good microsoldering kit for starters?


I am really thinking about starting up a microsoldering business. I already do component-level repairs. I'm wondering if it is worth it to drop $800+ on a Hakko equipment set. Is this one good for starters, and if not what is a good kit that will work pretry well? Also, is there a good place to learn basic microsoldering techniques online? Thanks to everyone for the help!

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Any station is better than no station. However, if you are doing this for business and not just as a hobbyist sideline., I would consider getting better tools if you can afford them.

For "micro-soldering", you need smaller tips or preferably micro-tweezers so that you can heat both sides of the smaller SMD components. You could look at the QUICK236ESD which has a nice range of tips. Alternatively, the Hakko 951 is nice because it uses the same range of tips as the bigger stations (FM-203) so it gives you a nice upgrade path in the future.

As for the Hot Air station, I would simply go for the Quick 861DW station, it is very well rated.

There are plenty of videos but the best thing is to practice on dead boards until your comfortable enough to try it on good boards. Micro-soldering is as much an art as it is a science and everyone develops there own "style". Experiment and have fun.

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