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Repair manuals and support for cars and trucks manufactured by Chevrolet, a division of General Motors.

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Why does my 2002 Trailblazer stall when accelerating?

I got a 2002 Chevy TrailBlazer LT 4WD and it runs fine when cold but as soon as it warms up when you are sitting and idling it is fine but when you go to push on the gas to move the engine stutters and sometimes shuts off immediately and will continue to do so for the remainder that the engine is warm. Anyone had this problem before or know what could be causing it?

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Get the OBDII port scanned. AutoZone do it for free.

Any error codes will hopefully pinpoint the cause of the problem.


Tried that it isn't throwing any codes.


Did it stall out while the OBDII was connected? Because if not, maybe wait for it to stall out while connected so you can see what happens when it stalls out.


It finally set off 3 codes today they are P0420 P0128 and P0014


Guy bought the car from hooked it up to a professional machine and cleared all of the codes in the data stream. He said they put new cam sensor and actuator on before they sold it but now it is throwing the code P0340.


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Have you removed the heat shielding on the exhaust manifold or changed the route of the fuel lines . It sounds like your heating the fuel before it gets to the injectors and causing it to turn to a gaseous state before it can be atomized by the injectors. Look for places on the fuel lines were they come close to the exhaust pipes or the exhaust manifold. The codes your getting are a result of the engine running poorly not whats causing the engine to run bad . the p0420 indicates your plugging your catalytic converter. the p0128 is a temp sensor which is telling you the engines not reaching op temp and the last one is a crank position sensor indicating the spark cannot be fired at the proper time . If you continue to run the truck the way its running now you will probably need to replace the catalytic converter ,as your plugging it with raw unburnt fuel . Hope this helps

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I haven't done anything to the vehicle but previous owners at a used car lot said they replaced the engine and transmission with one that had 79k miles on it so they could have removed shielding doing that. Also it doesn't misfire or idle roughly or anything until you push on the gas to go from a stopped position after the car has warmed up.

The temperature gauge usually reads about 180 degrees when its warmed up but the other day when it threw all these codes at once it went up to about 220 degrees. I had a OBD Scan Tool hooked up to it the whole time with no codes until that particular moment so i don't know if that has something to do with it or not but i do have the parts to replace thermostat and sensors which was recommended i do.


Im having the same problem. The fuel lines and heat sheild on manifold are still on original place. This suv has me so stressed. Someone please help


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