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Repair for speakers, stereos, header units, and CD players for your car or truck.

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Why Doesn't my sub work with my headunit

I've recently wired a sub to my car and couldn't get the sub to work the wiring is all good but there is no sound to the sub the amp light is on the settings on my head unit for the sub are all good but still no sound, we tried my brother in laws head unit in my car and the sub worked fine then we tried my head unit in hes car and again no sound in hes sub, we sent the head unit back to pioneer thinking the rca ports were no good got a replacement one and still nothing will i have to get another head unit?

I have the Pioneer avh-295bt

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Hi @bayleighthomass ,

Just verifying that you have double checked that all the settings highlighted in the image below, especially the setting for switching the rear speaker output are correct.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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Yes all that is what i have tried to do even with a factory reset and with the old and the new head unit.


Hi @bayleighthomass ,

Seems too coincidental to have 2 faulty units.

When you say "the amp light is on" assume that you mean that you have an external power amp for the unit. Is this correct?

To me this means that your connections should be as per the "without internal amp" connections found on p.34 of the guide. Is this how you have it connected?


Hi I also have a problem, I've try to find subwoofer off and on setting on my 9inch Android head unit but it didn't seem to have it listed on this unit. Place help it would be much appreciated.. Thanks


@Tow Sok

What is the make and model number of the head unit?


Pull the top menu down and make sure the amplifier button is highlighted.


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