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Charging port connector broken

I have a psp 1000 firstly i removed the fuse which was responsible for charging, and it worked, but now the cknnector on the motherboard which cknnects the charging soket is broken. Waht shall i do, replace that connector or create an alternativ way of charge with that soket, or to buy an external battery cherger?

P. S.

The mini USB port is damaged, removed and can not be replaced, so mini USB mod is not an option.

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I had the same problem as you on my PSP 3000. What I came up with was easy, I completely removed the broken socket from the motherboard (until the solder pads it was stuck to were accessible). The I cut the matching connector from the ends of the plug component. Then I soldered it directly to the motherboard.

I hope I won't ever have to change the plug itself, cause that would mean replacing the board as well at this point.

I'm not sure what other options you explored, but this one won't cost you anything and it's not that difficult to do.

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Yeah, this could be an option, I was thinking about soldering there a microUSB or mini USB port, but that could lead to creating additional holes in the housing. But, i tried to connect the charger to PSP several days ago, and it somehow is charging again.


do you think this could be done with a ps vita as well? I have a similar problem.


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