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Weird touch screen/reboot issues after screen replacement

So, I’ve fixed many iPhone screens and I’ve never had this issue before

First, after the screen had been assembled onto the device, I boot it up by plugging the charger in as I always do.

The screen seemed to be working fine as far as touch functions are concerned. I allowed it to charge for awhile before giving it back to the customer

So, before I went to work, I turned it off. When I came home from work, I turned the phone back on to double check that everything was still functioning properly.

This is where the issues began, the touch did not work and it had a “phone is disabled for 5 mins” message on the home screen. I unplugged and re plugged the battery and flex cables to make sure I had good connections all around. Everything seemed to be fitting fine.

So, when I turned the phone back on.. viola! The touch is back working....turn it off...touch not working. Repeat the previous procedure of unplugging and replugging the battery, turn phone in, and touch is back working

It’s currently working but I’m scared to turn it off again. I’ve never had this issue. What do I do?

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the "Touch IC" is part of the 6s screen unlike the 6 and 6 plus where it is part of the logic board. It sounds like you have a faulty screen (digitizer) assembly. Probably "Ghost touch" causing phone disabled for 5 min as it is randomly touching digits for pass code and being incorrect, locks you out.

I would try the old screen if working and available to test with or another screen if available.

If you have it up and running, do a complete data backup just in case while it is working (You may end up with a software issue and have to restore it and would be nice to have saved Data).

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Hey Mike! Thanks for the input, but I’m going to rule out faulty digitizer on the grounds that the touch is working right now.

However, if I turn the phone OFF and boot it back up, the touch will NOT work!

I’m stumped.


Software related? What IOS are you working with? I had a few that would turn on and then the touch wouldn't work until I hit the sleep/wake and when it woke, would work fine. Also, I noticed If I added a passcode, it didn't happen, but only when there was not a passcode, it would act up.

I restored and still no help. I just explained to my customer that it must be an IOS issue and wait for another update to see if it cleared up.


I’m not sure what iOS the phone is using because I don’t have the customer’s passcode.

I thought the piece (don’t know the name/function but it’s connected to LCD cable) at the top of the screen may have been touching something and causing a short so I taped it down with kapton. Same issue.

I’m going to look into that software fix. It’s been 3 days since this post and touch still working fine because I haven’t turned it off. Thanks Micheal


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