Why won't my MacBook power on?

I have a MacBook Air early 2014 model. (No Apple warranty, nearest repair place and store is 4 hours away)

For months now it has been going into a deep sleep. So much so that I'd have to reset the SMC and it would forcibly boot up. I could hear the logo and fan though. At random times when I would shut it off, it would happen again.

Now that doesn't even work!

I've tried it all.

The computer wasn't at use for about 4-6 months. And suddenly I remembered about it and decided to mess with it but couldn't get it to turn on. It was a black screen. No fan. No backlight. Nothing.

Today it powered on out of nowhere. I did nothing just opened it and bam.

I was using it and I shut it down (dumb) and it happened again. It's like it's dead. Earlier it was 100 percent battery but was able to unplug it and use it downstairs and it was down to about 84 percent battery. I plugged it back in and it went back to 100. So I don't think it's the MagSafe. This is the second charger I purchase by the way but computer still does this to me.

Help. Apple won't help me.

Update (12/20/2017)

Update: I heard the Apple Chime and Logo come up and it works but I'm scared to turn it off.

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Lets see what your battery is doing here as well as its cycle count. Download this gem of an app: CoconutBattery. You'll want to do two tests one with the charger connected and a second when you've pulled the charger.

Paste a snapshot of the main window of the App and paste them here so we can see both conditions in a fresh answer.


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