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The economical version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, released in July 2013.

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Black screen even after some fixing.


I got an S4 mini smartphone from a friend with shattered screen. The phone worked OK, I was able to receive calls, but the screen was all black.

So I changed the LCD+glass for a new one, but it was still the same.

Then I changed the whole motherboard and "power board" with USB connector thinking it could be a SW problem, but the problem is still exactly the same - phone works, but screen is black.

At this point the only parts from original phone are:

battery, proximity/light sesor, SIM/SD slot, mic, speaker, 3.5 jack, cameras

Do you think some of those parts can cause the screen to be black? I tried every common way to fix it like hold power button 1 minute, etc. but nothing works. I also measured the battery and it looks fine.

Thank you for any ideas. At this point I believe the phone might be cursed :D

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Since invalid in screen is the motherboard problem, first check the mainboard and the interface between the screen if there is any foreign body, or damaged phenomenon, if not, then continue to detect short circuit interface on the side of the capacitor?If there is a problem with the lamp control IC, I will mark the pictures for your reference.

Block Image

Block Image

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