Changed Furby 2012 motor, how continue? Gear? Reset? More?

Our zebra striped Furby 2012 had a hard fall and became "narcoleptic". Waking up, no movement, half opened lit eyes, talking a little and just shutting off within half a minute. Following other posts, I opened the Furby, was able to remove the 6V DC motor and test drive it and see it was no longer functioning. Ordered a new motor on Ebay, got it installed and now.... what?

Now I have new problems and need help. Furby moves and sounds but is completely maniac. I suspect that the gearing needs to be in a starting position, but I have no Idea how to get there. I only find results for old Furby gear online. There may also be something else, but I've come to the end of ideas.

Anyone that has come this far and managed to solve it? Other ideas? Anything is appreciated.


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