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Device repair and troubleshooting help for the E1-571 model of Acer Aspire laptop computers.

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when I Plug in the charger,it charge for second and then blinking led

Hi there i Have a really serious problam

i have 2 battery for my laptop

when i plug in the first charger it charge for a second and then power led and charger led blinking and won't charge

when i plug in the second charger it's only charge when the laptop is shut down and when i turn on laptop the same problam will happen.

i tried anothe charger and there is no difference.

I would appreciate if you help me. thanks

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It could be a faulty battery, you say you have two battery's or do you mean two chargers? Something you could try is disconnecting the battery and the charger. Than press the power button multiple times on the laptop without the battery and charger. This will let the ram and other components drain all their energy. After that put everything back and try charging it again.

P.S: Are the chargers you are using the original ones?

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