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Repair guides for displays (or monitors) for computers or other devices with video output.

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Where can you find schematics?

My Dell 2005FPW is dying. It's a good monitor and before just tossing it, I would like to try a repair. I'm pretty sure the problem is a failing capacitor; it takes a long time to warm up (flickering or rolling screen as if no vertical hold) and then works fine for long periods.

I would like to get its schematic to ID the components that appear to need replacements. I've made several web searches — no joy. Are these diagrams available anywhere?

Will appreciate any info. Thanks in advance.

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Did you ever have any luck repairing your monitor? I have the same exact problem wrong with mine. I am about to replace 7 capacitors, but none of them visually look bad. So it is just on a hunch. Would love to hear if you had any success.

Bob Lair


can You re-post the service manual for the 2005fpw plz



Guys. If anyone has a link or could forward me the schematics to the Dell 2405fpw I would be forever in your debt. I have four of these monitors and one is behaving very oddly indeed and I need to to take a look at it myself before sending it off to repairs. A repair manual / schematics would help me out no end. Thanks in advance.


@oldturkey03 - Can you repost the manual?


@danj and evoque1 link has been reactivated.


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Peter Sims, took me a while but did get it accomplished. Here it is ;-) Just like Tim Gelvin had mentioned, companies do not like to part with that easily. Anyhow from the symptoms that you mentioned it sounds like it could be dry solder joints or bad electrolytic capacitors at the power supply. Check also for connection between the mainboard and the LCD controller board. The SERVICE MANUAL does have all that you need and it is available to you directly from my file server. No gimmicks no free money from Nigeria, just a manual. Enjoy ;-)

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nice one. i think there is an australian who puts these sort of things up. can't recall his name though!


Most companies do NOT like to put out their schematics of their systems. You could try to do a Google search. If you do find the schematics, most likely it will be part of the manual.


Hi, Oldturkey03:

Thanks very much! That's bang on — A to Z.

Should now take some prep and an afternoon's work.


You are very welcome and good luck.


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It does sound like a dead capacitor. If you can't find the schematic, try looking for popped or leaked capacitors; all capacitors have their value printed onto them. Black spots on the pcb are also easy to spot to then change whatever caused such inferno ;).

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Also. You don't have to toss it away if you can't detect any issue. Look up the model on ebay and you could find a monitor for 5 or 10 bucks, that way you could just replace the whole board and give it a try. Good luck


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