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Suggestion for Dead Galaxy Nexus


I would like to fix my old and dead Samsung Galaxy Nexus (just wanted to learn how to fix stuffs). I never fix a dead phone before, so this is my first time doing it.

Initially the eMMC is broken (I got bootloops and cannot reflash factory image). I left it died for around 1 year, and now after I try to turn it on, it only shows the Google logo.

After a few searches, it seems I have these options:

1. I found a store locally that sells only the eMMC for around $15, but I couldn't find a good guide and the tools to replace the eMMC.

2. I also found a new Galaxy Nexus motherboard on ebay, but with price around $90s (with shipping cost). I can try to follow the guide on ifixit and buy the tools as well for replacing the motherboard.

3. Also on ebay, I found a used Galaxy Nexus motherboard for around $20, but I'm not sure about the quality of this motherboard.

What do you guys suggest for me to fix this phone?

This is my first time posting here, please forgive any mistake I make in this post.

Thank you.

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the eMMC replacement is quite an advanced repair. you need extensive practice with SMT Soldering techniques to do this properly. IF you want to go this way, i would suggest an electronics course through college before attempting, but you CAN train yourself via youtube videos.

you would need;







The board replacement is a better fit for first time repairs, but like you said, no one can guarentee the quality of parts you get.

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Thanks for the answer. I'll go with the motherboard replacement then, since it's much easier for beginners. I'll buy the cheap used motherboard first.


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