My PS2 Slim won't turn on.

So I took my PS2 Slim is pretty old and it hasn't been wotking since I moved. Yesterday, I decided to take it out and clean it. At first nothing was working, but after cleaning everything, I finally got power running through it. The Red LED indicator finally started working!

Now, however, it simply isn't turning on. I'm pushing the button (tried it with the top cover on and off), yet it doesn't seem to turn on. I have tried pushing it, holding it, unplugging the whole thing and plugging it back in, etc., but the LED remains red and doesn't turn green, the drive doesn't spin, and the fan isn't turning (probably because the console itself is in "off mode"). Any ideas?

My dad thinks that it might be a blown fuse, or a wire has broken or something. Is there anyway to check for this?

As I wrote this, I troed unplugging it and plugging it back in, and now the LED wont even turn on.

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