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What does this error message mean?

Block Image

^Please see picture^

Whenever I turn on my IMac I either get this error message or the screen stays black and the yellow light blinks 3 times and pauses repetitiously. Please help!


New Error message after removing one card of RAM

After I tried to remove the PRAM this error message occured.

Block Image


New Error message

Block Image

This error message is more consistent and the computer now even boots up and makes the sound.

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Did you do what the screen said to do one the last photo you posted and type mac boot?


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Try re-seating the ram or try taking out one of the ram sticks. If this helps then it needs new ram.

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I think that getting new RAM will fix this issue because I tried re-seating the RAM, and swapping their places and it gave me a different error code mentioning the RAM. I will update this when I get new RAM.


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That is called a Kernel Panic. It can be caused by either software or hardware failure. First thing to try is booting from you original system installation disk, go to the second page of the install to the pull down menu. Select Disk Utilities and see if you can repair your disk. Let us know your results or any changes please.

UPDATE 1/2/18

While you have the back off, inspect the capacitors (cans) on the logic board and see if any have expanded tops or show signs of leakage and/or corrosion.

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I do not have the original installation disk. Is there another way without the disk? I think it's a RAM failure. Messing around with the RAM was giving me different error codes instead of a blank screen.


Try using just one stick of RAM. We're going to test both the RAM and the slots. Put the RAM in one slot and try. Then move it to the other slot and restart. Repeat with the other stick. Have you changed the RAM or configuration, i.e. tried an upgrade?


I have not changed the RAM and whenever I type mac re-boot it fails.

I'll update you on if just one stick of RAM works


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