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The Zeepad 7DRK is an inexpensive tablet made by Android and released in May of 2014. This model of Android Tablet is identified by the name 7DRK on the back of the tablet. This tablet is also is characterized by the apps that are pre-installed in the system, like Youtube, Skype, and Netflix.

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My Zeepad won't move off of the Zeepad screen and won't turn off

My Zeepad won't move off of the Zeepad screen and won't turn off? I have charged for over 48 hours and if there are too many apps open how do I make it turn on to close them? I am very disappointed in this product have owned for less than a week.

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Bought 5 for the Grandkids, 2 of the 5 do not work. I cannot return or find a solution to the problems


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If you have owned it for less than a week you can get a free refund/replacement of the product. that is legally valid until 30 days after purchase.

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