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Toshiba 80 GB HD failed while running Bootcamp in PC mode.

My Mac mini had itsToshiba 80 GB HD fail while running Bootcamp in PC mode. When I try to format a replacement HD the Mini refuses to start up in Macintosh mode and is expecting a PC formatted drive. I get a PC command line style "No Bootable Drive Found-Push Any Key To Restart" error.

When I try to push the "C" key to select a proper start up drive so I can restart with the OS X install DVD the Mini which is still in PC mode fails to respond to my Aluminum keyboard since Bootcamp has not loaded and the PC part doesn't recognize a Mac keyboard.

Is there any way out of this so I can switch back to Macintosh mode and finish replacing the HD?

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Zap the PRAM by starting up holding down the Option - Command - P - R keys. Hold for three tones then restart holding down the "C" key with the system installation disk in.

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