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You know them, you need them, they move your cursor around. Repair information for your nest of mice.

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Evoluent wireless mouse not working


I have an evoluent wireless mouse (small) which has decided to stop working, just like that.

When you slide the button at the bottom of the mouse to turn it on, the 'Evoluent' logo lights up, as it does to indicate the mouse is on. The light then starts to dim until it goes completely off, as thought the mouse was off.

You might think that it is the battery - but it is not. I have tried 5 different, brand new, batteries (from different brands) to no avail.

The mouse is the one pictured in the link here. https://evoluent.com/products/vm4rw/

Does any one have any idea how to fix this?

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Hi @vts ,

What happens when you remove the battery and then reinsert the same one again? Does the mouse, not turn on at all, turn on again and then die but quicker or something else?

Just wondering if there is a fault in the mouse that is discharging the battery very quickly or whether it is something else.

If you have aDMM (Digital Multimeter) you could use its' Voltmeter function to test the battery voltage before insertion into the mouse and then test the battery voltage again after the mouse has "died" to see whether the battery has been discharged and by how much.


Hi @jayeff

The same thing happens regardless of how many times you reinsert the battery - the light comes on for a moment, and slowly dims until it's completely off. Unfortunately I don't have an multimeter....any other suggestions?


Hi @vts ,

How old is the mouse?

There is a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on it. If yours is within the warranty period contact the manufacturer as per the warranty information.

If not covered anymore then you'll have to open it and investigate but without a DMM it will be hard to find out what is going on.


I am afraid it is out of warranty - I do, however, have another one which is functional, and I realised something interesting yesterday.

When I slide over the on/off button on the one that does work, no light comes on.


I had a similar problem with mine. Following these instructions from the Evoluent website resolved the problem:

Resetting Wireless Receiver Or Pairing New Receiver

On VM4, VMC and VMD models:

Press and hold the top thumb button.

Turn on the power switch. The lights will flash on, off, and on again.

Quickly insert the receiver into a USB port. The lights will flash twice when pairing is successful.

Release the thumb button.


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Okay it's not the battery then probably it's the drivers or the USB device try to reinstall the drivers /software + remove then plug back in Bluetooth receiver (USB port) .

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Hi @chris7up ,

Just wondering how the drivers in a PC would affect the power not staying on in the mouse.

The mouse not connecting to the PC or even not working properly once connected I can understand it could be a driver problem, but not why a driver problem would cause it to power down, as it has a manual On/Off power switch which would maintain power to the mouse.

Were you thinking of the mouse's USB BT receiver light and not the mouse's own power light perhaps ?


this happens, I should have mentioned, without plugging in the mouse into the computer. It happens even when plugged in, so I don't see how the drivers could be the problem.


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