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The Inspiron 15-3521 has an optional touch screen feature and has a 15.6" display. This laptop is also complete with a matte finish and keyboard complete with number pad.

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power button broken how to turn on the laptop without it

I accidentally ripped off the ribbon cable off the power button chip. I would like to know how can i turn it on without it

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You may be able to fix it with some very fine soldering. If you post one or two close-up photos of the break, any other buttons or LEDs supplied by the same ribbon and the socket the ribbon connects to we may be able to advise better.

Or maybe you could get a "spares or repair" laptop of the same model cheaply on eBay and replace the whole palm rest.


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BloatLers to repair this you can replace the power button board and flex cable. Here are the instructions and the replacement part is available at places like this and many more.

Unless you have a board schematic which would show what pads are responsible for the power on state, you cannot turn it on without replacing the defective parts.

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Okay thanks I will just buy a new power button


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