Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Water Damage iPhone 6 - Boot loop


I'm running into a problem with my iPhone 6 after getting wet for a minute in sweetwater.

I tried to dry it out as soon as possible. Then I opened it and checked the motherboard and conections looking for traces of rust. No important damage or traces visibles to take into account. Finally I took the iphone into an ultrasonic bath with alcohol isopropilic for about 30 minutes.

However, I wasn't able to restore normal status. Everytime I switch the power button on the iphone doesn't respond until I plug the cable in the laptop or the electric charger. Then, the iphone enters in a infinity loop and becomes totally unusable, the apple logo appears and disappears, over and over again.

There are not rusty parts visibles and I also tried to change the screen for an old one (Its broken but still works) with same results.

I also entered in the restore mode and tried to restore or update without success...

Would really appreciate more troubleshooting ideas guys¡

I made a video.. https://youtu.be/xPCTGMbz6Yc

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Congratulations, you took the roper steps in trying to recover this device. The one thing you would need to add to your process is to remove the EMI shields from the logic board. Even though the board is in the ultrasonic bath, the shields do impede a proper cleaning under the IC's.

That said, even a proper and full cleaning does not guarantee a functional phone. The water may have caused some electrical damage such as short causing blown components or damaged IC's. Once the phone is properly cleaned, it needs to be troubleshooted with a schematic in hand to understand where the fault(s) lie.

If you are comfortable with this, then start at the beginning and check PP_BATT_VCC, PP_VCC_MAIN and PP5V0_USB. I would start by checking to see if those rails are shorted to ground. If one of these rails is shorted to ground, then you will need to identify what is causing the short.

If you are measuring the proper voltage, then you move onto the PMIC and check the voltage rails it generates. The PMIC generates ~15 voltage rails. You can find the schematic on the GSMForum.

Otherwise, consider finding a repair shop that does water damage and micro-soldering repairs.

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If the battery is swollen, yes it should be replaced. However, even if the battery looks good, the gas gauge circuitry inside it may have been damaged by the water. As a best practice, it's always best to use a new battery, especially for data recovery. However if data is not an issue and you just want to test the device, the exiting battery is fine if it isn't swollen and taking a charge.


@refectio I have very poor knowledge about iphone circuits and connections. How I could identify the points you told me PP_BATT_VCC, PP_VCC_MAIN and PP5V0_USB to check them? is there any schematic picture where I can find this kind of information? Thanks a lot


You'll need to search on google for "schematic iphone 6", we can't share those on this forum.


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