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Before I change the battery

Is there anything I should do to insure that I don't lose any of my apps, memory, or settings from my phone. Will disconnecting the battery wipe my phones settings clean.

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You certainly shouldn't loose anything, and it's one of the easiest iPhones to change the battery because the back just slides off when you remove the bottom screws. Just have patience when removing the old battery - just apply constant pressure, and not too much, and the battery will imperceptibly slowly lift from the adhesive. If you go too fast you could damage it and in the worst case cause a fire. (Least likely if you run the battery down to maybe 20% before starting.)

Also, lift the battery connector off its socket very gently - if you're rough you can pull the socket off the board, which is then hard to fix.

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Nice answer...still, the OP just has to do a backup on iTunes or iCloud if they are still concerned.


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It never hurts to connect the phone first to a computer and perform a full backup using iTunes.

I'm sure you have studied the tear down.

Here's the link for your reference.

iPhone 4S Teardown

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You don't have to worry, You wont lose anything.

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