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Stuck on Galileo pro screen

Can't reset my Galileo pro. I've done the hard reset. But when it gets to the Galileo pro screen it goes no where. Help please.. my sister got this for me to use at college ... What can I do.. plz help.. thanks

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I'm having a problem like this one I was make a speedpaint on Ibis paint X and my screen froze now it won't reset and the buttons aren't working. What would I do to fix this problem ?


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Hi @feetstankin ,

There is a 12 month manufacturer's warranty (scroll to p.EN-32) on the tablet.

Check that the tablet is still within the warranty period by finding the date on the sales receipt you got when the tablet was purchased

Since you have tried a hard reset and that failed to resolve the problem, I suggest that you consult the manufacturer's warranty statement (usually found in the User Guide or use the link above) as to what you have to do to make a claim for a manufacturer's warranty repair, replacement or refund.

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