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The Sony Xperia Z is an Android based phone that was released in 2013. It is one of the largest phones of the Xperia family with a 5-inch full HD display. Model numbers include C6603/C6602.

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Broken charging port, need my photo's back!

Hoping for an absolute miracle here...

I few years ago my boyfriend got Xperia z on a 24 month plan. He gave it to me as he decided he didn't like it and within a few months it stopped charging and switched off. Obviously the charging port had broken. Without my knowledge, my brother decided he would try and help and googled how to open an Xperia z to find the problem. In doing this he managed to open it up, and broke the screen. I never really worried about the phone up until now as my boyfriend has passed away. There are a ton of photo's of me and him in that phone that I would like to have so I have some memories. I have purchased a dock for the magnetic charging port but have been unsuccessful. Any advice or help would be muchly appreciated.

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if you take it to a local repair shop and have the charge port repaired and lcd replaced you should get your photos back. you dont really need an lcd but you will need the port repaired

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Thanks, will look around. I live in the country and there's not many options here.


you could always mail it into a shop for repair


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