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This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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turn on my ds lite 3sec later screen flashes and powers off

I have an adult owned Ds Lite. I played it one morning, turned it off plugged it in to regharge. Picked it up later in the day to play. When I powered it on the green power light came on, the screens flashed after 3 seconds and then the power light went off and the screen were blank. Any suggestions? I have priced around to have it fixed (nintendo $75+ shipping, a new one is $100, not going to pay that, and someone else told me $55). Would this be easy to fix (I do not have any tools for repair)


There is visible damages to the hinges. I'll be honest, the unit has been dropped, but not on the day it stopped working. It worked in the morning, then I placed it on the charger and went back to it a few hours later and that is when I powered up, got a flash on the screens after about 3 seconds and then it powered down on it's own.

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any drop or damage to hinge? we need to work out what is wrong with the ds first.. could be fuses or the top display.. both are cheap and relatively easy to fix.

as for the tools they usually are supplied..


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I had similar problem with a ds my son dropped. It worked fine for a while and then one day... Nothing. The flex for the top screen goes through the left side hinge, if the top screen is unstable the hinge gradually wears at the flex. If this happens the ds won't start up. Mine made the chime and then shut down. I replaced the top screen and entire case so it didn't happen again! Repair guides are on the right under the photo. You can source parts here or eBay for case...

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My problem is similar, but it only does it if there is a game inserted. As long as there isn't a game inserted it stays on and you can go thru all the menus. Insert a game and it blinks off. Any suggestions?

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