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Repair guides for a large selection of Sony digital and film cameras.

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What is wrong with my Sony-DSC-WX220?

I have purchased some parts off of eBay to fix some broken cameras I have at home. After I replaced the screen and lens of the WX220, I tried to turn it on, but nothing happened. I put a battery in the battery compartment and plugged the camera in, but the screen didn't turn on and the lens didn't extend out. I have noticed that next to the battery there was a dim red light that was on. I don't remember if it was staying on, or if it was blinking, and how many times. I also don't remember if the charging light was on while charging. What could be wrong with my camera? Incompatible parts? Main board problem?

I am not at home right now, and I don't have my camera with me, so I can't see anything else about the camera and add that here. I will add more info in the comment below the question.

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The camera wasn't fully assembled. All the parts were covered, but the screws weren't screwed on.


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Could be almost anything, but for starters, check you've reassembed it correctly, and in particular, all ribbons are fully home and locked in their sockets. Also, check carefully for any signs of water damage or resulting corrosion. These may be fatal, but try cleaning up any corrosion or contamination with isopropyl alcohol before giving up.

If you can't fix it, look out for another of the same model on eBay advertised as "spares or repair" and try swapping parts. You might become an expert on that model and end up fixing and reselling a few, though you're not going to get rich!

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