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External storage options by Seagate, usually connected by USB, available in many storage sizes and form factors.

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Unable to open, copy or move files 4TB Expansion Drive

Hi I have a 4Tb expansion drive that overnight stopped working in that whether it is connected to a PC or SMART TV, you can easily navigate the folders, but as soon as you wish to open one of the files, it freezes (in the case of the TV) or same of laptop but can also crash and give error msg no accessible. I have tried (also suggested by Seagate) chkdsk /f & /r, have uninstalled driver and reconnect to rebooted computer to re-install, but still no joy in access the files.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as Seagate seem to have stopped sending suggestions!



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Yesterday my seagate 4T portable had strange sound like engine metal scratching , today sudden death, so bad seagate quality . i will never buy seagate in my life

After scan disk successfully, some movies file still cannot copy out

maybe due to bad sectors or 1 of the pin heads dead

this seagate 4T portable is 3 months ago given by seagate recovery lab


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Try a different USB cable and make sure its around 18" (45 cm) in length you don't want too short or long a cable.

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Hi Dan

Thank you for your assistance. I did try as you suggested, but with no success.



Do you have access to a second system? See if that system is able to copy the file.


I do have two other Seagate drives an old 250Gb and a 1Tb, both work fine!


Sadly, we need to test on a different system. Sometimes a given drive reacts differently between different systems.


The drive normally is connected to a tv. Was working fine one night, turn on the next??? Took it to work and connect to my laptop to try and diagnose issue, no joy. Have also tried fixing it on my home laptop (both W10) and its the same story. What is frustrating is that it opens quick, navigates fine and even (slowly) displays pictorial thumbnails of the video files, will open them initially, but then crashes. It can copy up to 63% of a file if I try to C: and then freezes?


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You need a USB cable with a secondary plug to provide extra power to the drive.


The linked version is a USB 3.0, if this isn't the type of plug you use, I can provide the MicroUSB version.

2 plugs will plug into the smart TV or pc side, and once side plugs into the drive itself. This will provide extra power as 4TB is power hungry.

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Hi SW, thank you for helping. Am I to understand that this would be additional to the independent power supply that comes with the expansion drive?


Hi Bill, apologies, I assumed from the picture you selected that you have the small version of the drive.

Before making any purchases, run Seagate SeaTools instead of Crystal Disk Info. This tool is specifically designed for Seagate drives and provides specific error numbers depending on errors it encounters that you can report to Seagate.


If you do find a problem or it continues to freeze while checking, run your serial number through Seagate's warranty checker.



If it looks like the drive or its power supply is failing, you have a 2 or 5 year warranty, depending on the product, where they can send you a replacement first, so you can transfer or recover your data on to the new drive before returning the defective drive to Seagate.


Cheers SW, thanks again, will try what you suggest.


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use a program called crystal disk info to check the drives health. your drive may be failing. How old is the drive?

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Hi Dudefoxlive

It is about 14 months only!

Will try your suggestion, many thanks.


I ran CDM 5 , 1 pass of 50Mb

Seq Q32 R 0.209 - W 6.003

4K Q32 R 0.174 - W 0.902

Seq R 3.565 - W 6.290

4K R 0.488 - W 0.134


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