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Why the engine won't start after going through deep water

I drove through deep water and the Honda accord 2007 ran roughly until I was not able to start it again

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The engine may literally be flooded. (Horrible pun, booooo!) either way some word of advice, never drive through large puddles, because you don’t know how deep they actually are. This is especially stressed on flooded roads. It may look shallow but what if the road was like this: ————_______———— instead of just flat? It wouldn’t look deep but it is deep.

Also, how far deep was the vehicle?


My car cut off in some water the water was below the door and I try to start it and try to get a jump it want start but the headlights cut on real bright


That's what just happened to my 2016 chevy malibu idk what's wrong it wont start my dad said they motor is stuck dont want to move


What did you do to fix this? Was it fixed ? @SandyLaGuera Martelly


My wife ran through water crossing driveway about 16 in deep she drove is appointment 1/4 mile and it went dead now it won’t turn over just click one time


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How deep was the car in water . are we talking a foot deep with a big splash or three feet or more . was it deep enough to get water into the interior. If the water was deep enough to go into the breather system and get into the engine you could be looking at a hydrolock condition . This is when the cylinder fill with water and it can be bad enough to not allow valves to open or pistons to move and can cause major damage.The damage occurs because you cannot compress water. if this occurs you can try removing spark plugs and cranking the engine by hand at first to move water from the pistons then use the starter to crank it faster to get the water out. Drain the oil if it looks like chocolate milk or if there's more oil than there should be . Then start the process of drying out the electrical components . If you got the computer wet it will only be a mater of time before you have trouble there . even if you are able to dry it out it will corrode and die eventually.

If the water was just a splash and you didn't get more than a little wet you could be looking at drying things out and it will run again . One simple way to dry things out is to spray WD40 on wire connectors on spark plug wires, on the coil and coil packs. WD40 repels water and dries out . Once everything has dried out its a good idea to go around and put dielectric gel on all electrical connections to help repel water in the future and to keep things from corroding since they already are likely starting to since they got wet

Hope this helps

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WD-40 repels water? Good to know!


Hi @captainsnowball ,

WD-40 = Water Displacement 40th Formula

Do not use on electronics as it leaves a conductive residue.

If you want to use WD-40 on electronics get WD-40 Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray



@captainsnowball @jayeff is right here I should have clarified this in my answer I never use this on sensers or the ECM ,BCM or PCM and I alway use Dielectric gel after on eletrical connections, plugs and wire boots and coilpacks after using it


It's a diesel engine ford ranger 2.2


@jimfixer What happens if i have started my stalled car and displaced it a little? The car was deep enough in water to get into interiors . Will this damage my car a lot?


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Mine almost n tried cranking sum, then it seems as if its starter now,….so I put all spark plug wires make sure all are dry, check oil make sure no water

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I was coming home and I wode my car through some water that only cover half my tire and my car shut of in my 2016 Malibu Lt did my starer go out my starter was already going bad can this happen


this just happened to me, how did u fix it


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Most of the times its coused by no ignition spark

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