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The HTC EVO is a Smartphone by HTC powered by a 1-GHz Snapdragon processor and runs the Android operating system.

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My phone is working but the screen is black

why is my evo phonw working but the screen is black ? How i fix this problem

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my phone does the same thing but every once in a while it decides to work all of a sudden. it will boot up and sometimes i can get it to turn on last time i did it i just pressed the power button a bunch and it worked, so I have no idea


My phone screen went black two weeks ago but today when I turned it on it started working again why


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ebony, I would think that you may need to get a new display. Instructions for replacement are here here ,good luck.

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Of course if it's in warranty, or, your eligible for exchange, this should your first choice option.

No Backlight, Video Present

Check and re-seat The "LCD Flex cable connection", making sure there is no corrosion on the leads (a "light" rub with an ink eraser {not sand paper!} can remove most oxidation). Also examine the header on the board it's self, if the "lock down" tab is broke, it's not able to push the flex cable up onto the headers pins, to make proper proper connection, inside the header (you can try, inserting a piece of nylon cable tie, in front of the cable entry point, to raise it up, to the top of the connector).

Still, the most likely cause for "No Back Light" is one of the serial string LCD that provide the light is open, or the 24 volt source is not present.

neither of these are really checkable, or repairable, so replacement is in order.

Last resort is to Swap the Logic Board into a "known Good phone" of the same model, to see if the symptom remains, or is corrected. If corrected, replace the LCD with a Known Good, preferable "New" LCD.

Backlight, No Video Present

You can try all the above, but, more than likely you're looking at internal logic board damage, and it's time to retire the unit, as there's not that many service organizations left willing to take the time, and, effort to do actual repairs on units this small.

Simply, We're getting older, they're getting smaller, and it's harder to see.

Flex Cable Note:

Be advised there are 2 LCD replacements available for the HTC PC36100 Supersonic / EVO 4G. The main difference is the width of the "flex cable".

The 2V6A is the "Small" cable, The 2WCA is the "Large" cable & they are not interchangeable. Also, the ID# for these parts, is obscured, by the phones inner plate (you generally cannot see it before removing it, and, the digitizer pad). The secret for choosing the correct LCD, is that, the size of the "small" cable is much smaller than the "Digitizer" connector (located just above, the LCD connectors board location).


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Charlie, I need your help buddy! I took my evo to this place and he replaced my lcd and glass but after 3 weeks, it started going crazy!! My phone would dial anytime and the keyboard does not respond unless i press the sleep button and unpress it. The repair guy told me that there is not enough pressure on one of the flex cable and it's loose because he broke the clip that locks it in place. What should i do?? Help!



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Well, unfortunately these parts have still not surfaced, to make any repair by replacing the connector possible. I've only been able to rob two myself, from totally dead EVO's to fix mine.

The only things, at this point I can suggest, is to clean the cable and connector with a good contact cleaner, and, re-seating the cable. Then wedging something like a piece of nylon cable tie, over the cable to force it downward to maintain contact with the connector. It's a temporary fix at best, and very unstable.

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That means your phones broken



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omg!!! my phone work fine but the screen is black ... i tried everything ..restarting it ..rebooting it .. taking the battery out ..I've had my phone for almost 2 months now


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I have this problem every so often but today my phone died and I didn't have my charger with me to save it from turning off. Got home out it on charge. Went to turn it on, it turned on fine but the screen is black. I have pressed the power button loads of times. Battery reset Where u press the volume down button and power button together and I have tried all the other tricks I do to get it to turn on but nothing works. Can anybody help. I'm going to wait till morning to see if it sorts itself out

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