iPhone screen unresponsive, but phone alive. Hard reset doesn't work?

My iphone 7 screen has stopped working almost suddenly. It was previously cracked and I continued to use it without getting it replaced and it worked perfectly like nothing was wrong. It now does not work at all but the phone still receives notifications and I can play music through earphones by pressing the small control button on the earphone cable. So I thought I just needed the screen changed so I took it to a replacement shop, and they came back to me saying that they tried two screens and it didn't work still. I now am left confused to know what the problem is, I am not sure if they changed the metal digitiser as I think it could be that, but my screen is completely responding to my touch on the home button and charges when I connect to power source as it should, I know a decent bit about iPhones and have changed a few screens in my time, is there any advice anyone can give?


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Normally this would be a simple screen replacement. However, if the repair shop is experienced and reputable, then we can eliminate the screen as a possible issue and shift the focus to the logic board. Perhaps it was slightly damaged when the screen broke and at a certain point in time, either the backlight or LCD circuit failed entirely.

Ideally, this phone needs to be looked at by a shop that can do micro-soldering repairs.

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Thanks for the reply, I was thinking this could be it but today, my phone screen has suddenly turned on after leaving it charge from dead. However one side of the screen is unresponsive and has vertical lines down the left side not allowing the touch to work on that side, the touch works fine on the other side now, would I just need to replace the screen now it's come back to life?


You could try but there is probably a deeper issue at play here.


Okay thanks very much


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The screen is black?

Then you probably have a failed backlight circuit on the logic board.

The circuit needs to be repaired by replacing a number of components. It is not a DIY job. You need someone with microsoldering experience.

Alternatively, it could be other image-related circuits/components at fault (other than backlight). But backlight is the first suspect. Someone with the right experience and skill can tell and can fix it.

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First try to put phone under bright light and see if image is present with out backlight.

Maybe (most common) backlight problem, or display PMU problem.

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