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The 5th generation BMW 3 Series is based on the E9X platform. The car pictured is a E90 chassis. The E9X chassis was used from 2004-2013 when the F1X chassis was released. When talking about a non-specific chassis, this generation is typically referred to as the E9X chassis since there are multiple chassis for this generation of 3 series, depending on the body style (E90/E91/E92/E93).

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Fault code 2A99, crankshaft -exhaust camshaft correlation

I have swapped and cleaned the vanos solenoids, cleaned the filters for the vanos solenoids still getting the fault code and it didn’t swap to the intake cam when I swapped the solenoids

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Have you checked the Vanos bolts? Call your local dealer and tell them your VIN. Ask them if you have extended warranty on Vanos adjuster units. You can take the valve cover off yourself and check the bolts

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