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Tv Screen repair prices

How much does it cost to repair a 65 inch 4K Samsung smart tv.

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Hai my 48inch curved samsung led screen broken can u plz tell me cost of the screen and repairing cost


I have a Galaxy 65-inch TV curved that I got yesterday in the screen is broke but the TV still work


@Elisha Jorden

Did it come like that out of the box or did something happen that caused it to break?

If it was already broken contact the company where you bought it from about the problem.

Although they may state that you caused it to break but you never know unless you contact them


I got a 65 inch that I broke but it still comes on and I can watch TV just the corner I hit has lines going thru it can my TV be fixed and if so who fixes them


Hallo I have a LG led tv. The sound is there but I can only see the picture with a torch from the side. There is a plug marked Led+ and Led- that gives me 50v dc. Does anyone know what the problem is?


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Hi @dhorjang ,

What is the matter with the TV?

If it is a problem with the display panel, is it cracked or damaged in any way?

If it damaged then the cost of a replacement panel (if you can find one) is nearly as much as a new TV.

You would be better off advertising your TV as faulty good for parts to try and recoup some of the cost of buying a new TV.

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I agree with @jayeff. All the places I've contacted regarding screen repairs, they won't even do it because it isn't worth the cost and time.


It is downright sad....I found the part for my $1300 ( 1 month old btw) tv and they wanted $3200 for the part..... I asked and they said Samsung controlled the prices......what has happened to this world.....I think at one time it was illegal not to offer a part......Oh I guess I am wrong.....they do offer the part at $3200. Thanks for nothing Samsung or best buy......Wont even repair it....


Me also. Extended warranty from best buy does not cover screen. Samsung came To the house even after I sent pictures showed up and then said nope not covered next step is Walmart three for the price of one maybe not as good a quality but


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Found my screen for 500 dollars less than I paid for my TV.

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