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Extreme water damage on desktop pc.

My older computer (used as a file server) was next to my washer that was leaking. Its a little room. barley enough for that all. I had the computer laying mobo down. There was a big leak that was spewing water "Conveniently" right into the back. The board has massive spots of blue everywhere. Need to get this system running asap. Thanks!

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@e_ah ahhh water damage....

need to take everything out...... take pics.... on it

any configuration on HDD ? like RAID or just standalone?

I guess right now, remove the hdd first. check for any water marks / corrosion , etc.

if all is good, and ensure there is no liquid, you will need to hook on another working system to recover your files, providing is standalone.

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It is RAID. 3 2TB WD hdd's. Thankfully the hdd are above the water line. There is a few blue spots around densely populated areas. Also keep in mind this is soapy water too. The case is pretty slippery. I have alredy removed all components and cleaned them in alcohol. Im going to let those sit overnight. The psu is rusty inside so thats going in the bin. I will update you in the am.


The alcohol got rid of the blue but not the rust on the screws and case. Its it time for a new computer do you think this is salvageable?


what RAID configuration did you set for your drives? i guess now your data is the concern now, but it is good to have a new system ready.


I used Raid 0


and to check if your RAID configuration is done on the mainboard or you have another RAID card to manage those drives?

recovering RAID 0 drives can be tricky, due to different controllers, and configuration, do proceed with caution, i would recommend you to label the drives and which sata ports is being connected to the SATA ports on the previous mainboard.

some good read,


i dun go for RAID 0 due to no fault tolerance.

normally the systems that was configures is raid 1

and another hdd to use as a back up .... e.g. using acronis, if windows.

or even better, backup to NAS



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