Why is my phone heating and drains battery

My phone is getting really hot in a few second and stops the flash and reduce brightness and drains battery very fast(10% in 2 minutes of talk )but if i put it on airplane mode everything works very fine, no heat and no battery issue

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Have you had a repair done recently? Or, has the phone been dropped or subjected to moisture (water, etc) recently?


Yes i had the u2 ic changed, it gets hot only when i use wifi bluetooth or on phone calls, on 4g data works fine, the phone was dropped and had the display broken, now i have an original display, after the drop the phone would not charge and was stuck on apple logo, the guy that fixed it told me that he changed the u2 chip and a bad soldering on a diode or tranzistor wich had low voltage in place of 1.8v was unde 1v


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