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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active SM- G870A released June 2014. Repair for this device is extensive and requires the phone tool kit and heat gun.

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How I can repair or change the audio port?


Probably my problem is very rare, but I will ask.

So I have bought a second hand Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. Everything is working fine, except the audio port.

It shows always that earphones are connected, no matter that actually there aren't any earphones connected. Probably the phone was under water.

What I have tried:

1. to clean the audio port wih isopropyl alcohol. The the problem remains.

2. to bend very little the metal contacts in the audio port, so they won't make a contact anymore. The problem remains.

Because of my fails for repair, I want to ask if somebody have already disassembled the audio port, so I can see how exactly it works.

Or if someone knows, where I can find a replacement part.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards.

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Is this what you are looking for?

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Thank you for the reply. This will be my last option.

I want to try to repair it without the need to open the whole phone. Opening the phone would be very difficult. :)

The problem is probably a very tinny metal plate which is bent, but I have no idea how were the initial positions of the plates in the audio port. Because of this I'm looking for something more likely as scheme of the port (how it works)? :/

I hope, that you understand what I mean. :)

Although thabk you for the link.


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