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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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What's wrong with my playstation 4 Pro?

One day I came home from work eager to get on my Ps4 Pro. I got home, turned it on and nothing. So I pressed it again. This time I watched it carefully and saw the blue light come on and turn right back off. I then checked the socket it was in and saw a dead lizard inside the other half of the socket. Later that day, I opened the Ps4 up and inspected the motherboard. I didn't smell any burns from the mother board nor did i see any issues with it. I am hoping and praying this is not an APU or "New Motherboard" issue because I'm out of luck. I live all the way in The Bahamas. I'm thinking of replacing the power supply but I'm just not sure. Can someone offer any advice?

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I really wonder how you got a dead lizard inside your PS4, but that’s none of my business.

It’d be one of these 2 problems:

1) Your power supply is “broken” or malfunctioning due to the lizard. You’d have to check carefully if this is the problem and if so replace the PSU (Power Supply Unit), if that’s even possible.

2) The Lizard caused a short circuit on one of the components in the PS4, I can’t tell which sadly. Check for any parts that look broken or burned (even if it’s a tiny detail). In case of a crucial component (motherboard or other), you’d have to most likely buy a new PS4 Pro.

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I checked closely like 3x already. I also checked the power supply. Nothing seems out of the way rather than dust on the power supply. And no the lizard was in the electrical socket. Not the Ps4 itself. But thank you nonetheless. Going to try and order a replacement this Friday. If I can find one that is.


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By any chance did you find a solution ? Mine started doing the same thing but because of a power outage and I already replaced the power supply but still does the same thing

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My issue was the power supply. Yours may be an APU or board issue.


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