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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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820-3115 - Cleaned up after Liquid Damage but corroded pads remained


I spilled my well deserved after-work beer while cleaning with the tube of my vacuum (d'oh) over my Macbbook and it turned off immediately.

Much sad.

I disassambled it immediately und pulled off the battery.

I cleaned it with a soft ESD-Safe brush and lots and lots of Isopropyl.

The result is not very promising - or is it?

May I turn it on without damaging it more? Should I sell it as it is?

I have a hobbyists hot air station (Uvistar 858D) and as well a soldering iron (ZD-937), but I am not good at SMD-Soldering. Anything I could & should try with this equipment?

Why are the pads turning copper? Did I brush too hard and ripped them off or is it a chemical reaction?

I did not dare to turn it on after cleaning. What would you do?

I have seen ultrasonic cleaners on ebay for 70€ - 80 Watts and 40kHz - cheaper than going to a repair service. Good idea or too late for my board?



Block Image

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@jonase either really strong beer or a bit to much scrubbing. Looks like you rubbed the solder of but that is not always detrimental. Either your image is a bit fuzzy or the board is still not well cleaned. At this point I'd go and have it cleaned by someone who uses an ultrasonic cleaner. If you have not turned it on since "the accident" you stand good chance to recover this board, I would not yet give up.

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Good - I'll go with one of those chinese ultrasonic from ebay. My wife likes that she can clean her stuff as well and I also have defective /old PCBs from time to time. So 70€ are well spent if it is working


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