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Repair guides and support for Trio tablets on the Android operating system.

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I can't connect to the internet

My tablet will not connect to the internet

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check your wifi is on


First Assumption: You can see the SSID (name) of the network you want to connect to - yes? Second: You have the correct password to get onto that network - yes? Do you know if the password contains any upper case letters? Did you go into tablet settings (what kind of tablet would help to know) and make sure your wi-fi setting is turned on? If yes, did you see the SSID? If yes, click on the network name and enter the password when it asks you. Then click on "connect" - The network may ask for a certain grade of security - WPA, WPA2, etc. I can't help you there - sometimes you have to trial and error it. Hope this helps.


sorry Dave you lost me


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Tablets are notorious for remembering false inputs ...the quickest solution if you know you have not changed your password...is to rescan the network and when it finds your router...click on forget this network....rescan again and it will ask for your password without having any internal records stored...if that fails ...then ..it is possible the routers password is at fault...look at switching the router off for 30 seconds then restart the router ..go back through the previous steps...if it still will not connect...then you need to find the isp address for the router and its login .and check those settings.

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Where's the router?


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