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Machine-readable instructions that direct computer processors.

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Indexing with a NVMe PCIe Mini SSD?

Wow. That title had a lot of acronyms. ANYWAY,

So I've been wondering, is indexing on an SSD a good idea? any performance gained or lost by doing so? and is it a bad idea to index the WHOLE Computer?

@avanteguarde @danj

also, @evan where did my windows 10 category go? I don't see it in the selection anymore.

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What do you mean by 'Indexing' And what system and OS is this?


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By "Indexing Files", what you really mean is Windows has a giant database that tells the operating system where each file location is in the file system. This giant database is organized and updated by the Windows Search service.

"Indexing" means the database is organized by a certain field so that the way you try to find something on a computer is faster.


Not sure why an SSD would be harmed by this, considering it is simply a file, and TRIM would keep used/unused SSD cells from immature deterioration.

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It's not good for the SSD long term, kinda like fragmenting. It will still search faster, but it will degrade the lifespan by an amount, but it really doesn't matter either way. Personally, I indexed my SSD. It's your choice. Hope that helped!

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The Indexing you are speaking about is really useful for a server or cache server which is storing web pages. It's not very useful for a client system.

As for using a SSD to store them (it makes no difference what the I/O is) the churn of the data is what will wear the SSD. So if the the web pages are static in nature or change lets say daily the amount of change is not that heavy. Its if you were to monitor something like the stock market which has trades going every 10 sec's or so that the churn would wear the drive. Even still the number of stocks would need to be quite high as well.

Now lets look at a shared database (DB2/SQL/Sybase) used in a store which manages large quantities of goods then the index would help keep the counts correct to the second. Some of these DB's do their own indexing and some may even use the MS developer code to setup the index function.

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What? I'm talking about windows indexing... just like windows search indexer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Se...


I had used in on my Windows 2000 server so I didn't need to access the same web sites a second time from my desktop and laptop when I was home. At the time I had a very slow internet connection so to speed things up I would program the server to prefetch web sites before I got home. As the server had it all down loaded I could review the site locally from my servers copy. At the time I was trading stock which was my example.

The point I was making it only helps when you have a poor connection and the pages are somewhat static. Yes, you can use it on a workstation as well I didn't discount that! Re-Read what I said.

Theres a bit of give and take here. As an example you might find fetching the IFIXIT repair guides useful as they are mostly static. If your link is slow I would do that. But if you are editing them you need to real page not the cached page.


I mean like indexing files, not web pages.


You mean your SSD has that much stuff it takes a long time to find things ;-}

I haven't needed to in my Windows system so far but then again I don't have that much on it yet (<128 GB). Mac's have indexing as part of the OS which does make searching for a given element within the doc helpful. I'm not sure the Windows indexer goes that deep in PDF or other uniform doc types.


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