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Компания Apple представила iPhone 5s 10 сентября 2013 года. Ремонт данного устройства схож с предыдущими моделями, требующий отвертки и инструменты для вскрытия. Доступен в версиях GSM или CDMA; с 16, 32 или 64 ГБ памяти; в цветах: Серебристый, Золотой и «Серый космос».

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I just broke my iPhone :/ The flex cables and ports

Hello, I was opening an iphone 5s with suction cup too hard and broke the connection on motherboard to a display (that in the middle, don't know what it is right now) Is there a way to fix? And I maybe broke the flex cable too. Can I fix that too?

PS: Is there a way to backup the apps etc from that iPhone? Even if I can't turn it on?

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I'm sorry to say but that cable coming from the home button if ripped means you will need to replace the home button and lose touch id.

Phone needs to boot up successfully and be unlocked in order to backup data from an iPhone.

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Hey, could you provide some pictures? From what I hear you only need a new screen, maybe a new home button aswell, without touch-Id unfortunally.

Only way to get a back-up is if its already on your iClound, if not you must have a working screen.

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