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Repair guides for the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015), released June 2015.

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Small line on the top left corner of the screen

Hello. Recently i've noticed a small line in the top left corner of the screen on my J5. It is not a scratch, doesn't affect display or touch and can only be seen at specific angles. It has doubled in size in few days after i've first noticed it. Phone was never dropped or damaged, it's been mostly used in an office environment.

What could it be and is it an easy fix as i wouldn't want to send it to service to be thrown around for 30 days. Still in warranty though.




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Hello Albert

It seems to be the tail that joins the glass and the LCD.

The good thing about this is that there is a solution. The bad thing is that you already said the solution, send it in warranty and repair it.

If it were not in warranty, the only real solution would be the screen change.

Hopefully the wait is short.

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Screen damage

And back camera glass damage

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