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7.9 inch display / Model A1432 / Available in black or white / Announced October 23rd, 2012 / 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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New LCD screen but touch screen not working

I've changed the LCD screen and the iPad turns on but the touch screen isn't working how would I correct this please?

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Usually it's either the digitizer touch screen being faulty or the touch screen FPC connector on the logic board needing to be replaced via micro-soldering.

Inspect the touch screen connector closely for any damage such as missing pins, plastic. Take a photo and post it here if you want to be sure.

Edit: Right before fitting the digitizer glass in, make sure the ribbon cable is not being squished between the glass and metal.

You can use a plastic spudger non-pointy end or equivalent to push it so that it does not squish.

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Check the touch function before removing the adhesive tape. I experienced everything was working before removing the adhesive tape. Then it is so easy to forget to tuck the cable inside the frame. Once it is folded and broke you have to buy a new assembly. If you are very good at soldering then :-)


Oh yes, I forgot to note this, edited post.


Great. Note also to test the screen before closing it. If the screen works fine before closing it, it should work when finished :-)


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The most common issue with iPad Mini is that when you close the new screen the LCD cable attaches to the adhesive on the frame and is folded and broken. This is super delicate and I screwed up some screens before I understood this. Take a look at the image. When you remove the bottom adhesive make sure the cable does not stick to the adhesive on the glass. When you close the screen start from the top. Then use a spudger and tuck the cable so it goes inside the frame before you close it. I had some good pictures of this on the guide but they seem to be gone for some reason.

I am afraid if this is the issue you will have to buy a new screen as the cable is useless once you have folded it.

Block Image

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