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Aftermarket car stereo not working

2001 Chevy Venture van after market stereo install. Factory head unit has 2 harnesses 1 standard with speakers, remote lead, etc... 1 with 2 wires brown/white stripe and black/white stripe any idea what these are? Also if I connect power to fuse box will I need to ground to chassis or will harness ground be ok

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Thank you for your info, I forgot to mention there is no steering wheel control for the OEM stereo. The two wire lead to the dash above the instrument panel I will send pic asap


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With respect to the 2 wires you refer to,. I've been unable to locate any reference to them in any of my manuals. As to grounding the chassis or using the harness ground, I've always provided both a harness ground and a chassis ground. This will all but guarantee you'll always have a ground. I'll continue looking into the wiring you mentioned.

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