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AudioTechnica AD700X 3.5MM Replacement

Hello all, I had my headphones sitting on a stand on my desk and it fell off forcing the 3.5 jack to break in the computer and I got rid of the case but still have broken headphones. There's a green, red, and copper colored cable and the cables seem to have a fabric feel to them and I don't know if it's safe to solder them into a new jack. I'm not quite sure which is left, right, and ground any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @derka

Try the following:

Green to the 'tip" connector.

Red to the "ring" connector.

Copper to the "sleeve" connector.

The convention for 3 pin connector headphones is that the "tip" is the left speaker, the "ring" is the right speaker and the "sleeve" is the return for both speakers.

Block Image

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