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How to remove back cover of Kodak Ektra smartphone

Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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You are aware that by doing this that you will be voiding the 24 month manufacturer's warranty on a phone that is still relatively new on the market? Still inside the warranty period anyway.


Thanks for your reply. I bougth this phone through Amazon US and I live outside US or Europe. I believe no warranty applied.


how to disaasemblly kodak ekta


With my Kodak Ektra, the battery bloated destroying the back casing, but it would be good to know how to properly open the device.


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Just go with little for e feom bottom around usb conector there are little stucks al around just try to appla little force90degrees from back ontill you hear click and then proceed foward, i have cracken back Cover when trying it but it was quite easy from that

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