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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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Not booting , even from USB

Dear forum

I have a rare (for me ) problem with a macbook pro 13 inch 2012 , the model of the motherboard is 820-3115b . It gives green and orange light on the charger , it starts normally with the dong and comes to the flashing question mark foleder and then nothing ...

Most of you will say its the harddisk cable , exactly my thought as well but after changing 5 cables still same thing ... and it does not boot from usb either , tried asd , external boot disk and cd .... nothing .

It does read from the usb as I can see the light flashing on my usb and external disk but still the irritating flashing folder....

Any ideas anyone ?

I did try disconecting everything one by one , the cd , the battery and so on , tried to change the ram several times ..... no change

I f anyone had this problem please advice :)

thank you in advance for your time .

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Has the drive ever worked internally?


Yes it has :) That doesnt answer the question why the usb boot doesnt work though , even if the drive isnt working (changed it 3 times) the mbp should be able to boot to ASD or usb but it just refuses....


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1st of all - always disconnect battery connector from logic board(!!!) specially when you installing/replacing HDD flex cable!

So, all cables(5pcs or more) which is replaced with battery connected to motherboard and without ground wrist band(also very important!) can be totally dead, or maybe 50X50, now you need to check all this cables on 100% working MacBook to be sure which one is alive.

Be sure you have 100% working and tested USB drive, HDD cable & Hard Drive or SSD.

Insert it all to your MacBook, push Power button and then push & hold Command until you can see drive options for boot on MacBook screen. Here just choice the drive and click it to boot.

If you can choice from this screen your preferred boot drive(USB, SSD, HDD) and it do not boot from this drive but show you Folder logo, then this drive do not have bootable MacOS partition, so, you just need to format this drive, make it bootable and write OS to it.

All known problems related to your issue -

broken HDD

broken SSD

broken FlashDrive

broken USB port or bad soldering

broken HDD cable

wrong HDD/SSD/FlashDrive format or not bootable drive

broken logic-board - usually bad soldering contacts of SouthBridge, need to be reballed or replaced.

Please be sure that all your parts(drives & cables) fully functional before you try to solve this issue!

In other way you can gone in repair loop ;)

Wish you good luck!

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