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The Razer Blade Stealth are a line of premium Ultrabooks by Razer. The latest model is the Razer Blade Stealth (2019)

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Motherboard not supplying enough power to display

I recently sent out my stealth for a display problem. Every aspect of my blade works with no problem except the display. The screen itself is black. Touch screen works still too! If you were to shine a light on it and view from a angel, you could see the display faintly. Plugged into a monitor with hdmi and it displayed no problem? So i have gotten my razer blade stealth RMAd. Razer got back to me saying that my laptops motherboard isnt supplying enough power to the display!? Is there an alternate fix or is a mobo replacement my only option?

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Hi @roglover ,

Backlight problems, other than in the display unit, could be caused by faulty power supply from motherboard, faulty lid switch, faulty backlight cable to display (could be incorporated in the video flex cable)

So Razer saying that there isn't enough power being supplied from the motherboard indicates a faulty motherboard, assuming that they tested the backlight voltage level leaving the motherboard connector to the display and found it to be too low.

Why didn't they fix the problem? Isn't the laptop still under warranty, as they issued an RMA for the display?

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Well, its not under warranty! They are wanting to charge me $650 for the repair but I mean this should be covered by them? The laptop just randomly faults like this? Its in immaculate condition? They said they tested the laptop by inserting another motherboard so I mean i guess they narrowed it down to just that!


Hi @roglover ,

OK so bear with me.

How old is the laptop?

All the reviews seem to indicate that it is fairly new.

There is a 12 month warranty on it, unless it was a refurbished unit.


No, its a unit i bought off of ebay! Thought i could fix it up! Im not the oringial owner so i have no warranty


Hi @roglover ,

If the problem was disclosed by the seller on Ebay, then perhaps you should start looking at the motherboard for any obvious problems such as burnt or stressed components. Perhaps the seller had already done this and not found anything and given up.

Razer probably consider it cheaper (for them) to simply replace the board than spend the time looking for board level faults.

If the Ebay seller did not disclose the problem then contact them about a refund. (although since you said that "thought that I could fix it up!" I'm guessing that you already knew about it.


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Where are you located at? Europe?

Are you able to take some pics of the screen connector zone?

I'm an electronics technician, we can try to find why the Backlight circuit is not boosting!


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Hey! Im in the United states!!once i get the laptop back, i will supply those photos!


Hey Dario! Yes, send the photos and maybe we can narrow it down :)


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