Why won't my LG tablet turn on? I've tried the basic resets, nothing.

Okay so two days ago I was on my LG g pad 7.0 v410 and it froze. Not a huge shock it does this quite a bit. So I held the power button to do a soft reset. It shut off and the screen came back on to the LG screen. This is where things went down hill. It got stuck in a bootloop which it has done once before so I tried to restart it once again. Then it stopped even attempting to turn on, I should mention it was at around 40% battery. The screen turned black once with the backlight running, then died. The next day I tried again and when I pushed the power button it showed it had a dead battery. 0% and shut down. Plugged it in and the battery loading screen popped up. Froze and it went black. It has not turned on since. No matter what I do. Soft reset, hard reset. Hold the power button for 10 seconds while plugging it in and hold the power button. I've tried all the suggestions I have found online. Any help would be appreciated. Or just confirmation that it's a lost cause? I've had it for roughly 4 years (I think, whenever they first came out.)

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