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Why is my phone not charging and constantly restarting?

I replaced my iPhone 6s screen recently and when I turned it on the battery had drained from somewhere around 60% down to 10%.

It's done this after replacing the screen or disconnecting the battery before, but the charge usually goes back up after a minute of being on. This time it did not.

So I plugged it in while I tested out the new screen and thought the picture quality looked worse than the previous screen, which I got from iFixit last spring.

Text appeared somewhat blurry and the overall picture looked more yellow than normal.

The yellowness might be because the screen was dark and I was near a light and the brightness wasn't adjusting.

I guess that means that the ambient light sensor isn't working. But that is the least of my problems right now.

After using my phone for a few seconds I realized that animations were slow, force touch did not work, and multi-touch actions in general were laggy or inaccurate. After about a minute the phone restarted for no apparent reason.

When the phone came back on the battery charge was down to 1% and after using it for less than a minute it restarted again.

So I disconnected and then reconnected the screen but didn't snap it into place, having it just rest on top of the phone. This time when I used the phone it worked fine.

The animations weren't slow, force touch worked most of the time, and it didn't restart after a few minutes of using it. And the battery charge actually started going up. (The light sensor still wasn't working though.)

So I snapped the screen back in and all of the previous problems came back. This made me believe that the bending of one of the flex cables was causing this.

This display has cables that are longer than the original display and the one I got from iFixit last year. When I snap this display into place the cables press on the display.

So I used the phone for a day without pressing the screen back into place. The next day, however, the phone started to randomly restart even without the display being snapped back into place.

I could only use the phone for about a minute before it restarted. By the next day the phone wouldn't turn on at all.

I plugged it into a charger the white screen with the Apple logo came on but only for a few seconds. Now I can't even turn the phone at all. So I'm not really sure what the problem is. It could be a defective screen.

TDLR: After screen replacement the battery drained, didn't charge, constantly restarted, and now the phone won't turn on at all. At first I thought it was a problem with the flex cables but now I have no idea what the problem is.

If anyone has any advice or knows a solution help would be greatly appreciated! And if anyone knows if iFixit can swap the screen with a different one please let me know!

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All of your initial problems could be related to a partially defective replacement screen. Contact iFixit Support (help.ifixit.com) to see about having them replace it. I'm a little concerned about your comment that the flexes are longer, that shouldn't be the case. You could also try the previous screen, which I guess is cracked, to see if the problem goes away.

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Yeah I don't know why the cables would be longer than the cables on the previous screen, but they definitely are. They don't line up with the ports on the logic board as well as the previous screen. I reconnected the cracked screen and it seems to work fine. Except I can't actually use it because the left side of the screen doesn't work. But standby and the home button work. So the problem seems to be with the new screen.


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Probably just a bad battery, start with replacing that.

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I doubt it. The battery was working fine before the replacement. And a bad battery couldn't account for the problems I was having with the screen, like slow animations.


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Where you ever able to fix it Nick?? I have the same exact problem and because of it I cant even back up my phone because it wont last on more than 30 seconds without reestarting.

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