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Where is my fuel relay located?

Trying to replace my fuel relay for my truck and I can't find it. My truck used to run. Now I turn the key, it engages the starter but I don't get any fuel to the motor. I've replaced my fuel pump, fuel filter. Now it's down to either the worse for the pump or the relay. So I'm doing the relay.

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Hi @skittleman88 ,

Not sure if this is relevant to your vehicle, but here is the service manual for a 1985 Toyota Truck - 4 Runner.

In the FI section it details the EFI system, including the electrical circuits. (see FI-65)

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Most likely under your bonnet (hood) will be another fuse/relay box. Look on the cover or inside the cover and it should show you the relay number. To test it just pull another relay that has the same ratings and use it. If it works it is your relay, if it doesn't work. Not a relay problem. Do you hear the fuel pump prime when you turn on your ignition? Have you checked your fuel pressure if injected?

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