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Need advice on first purchases for start up

I'm tired of working 16 hr day for some one else. I am unemployed for the first time in my life and I'm 27. I found a passion in repairing phones and tablets after I had to learn to repair my son's ipad air 2 because I could not afford what a shop wanted to do the job. I have always had a good work ethic and Its time to build something with it that will last and I can pass down to my children.

I'm trying very hard with side and odd jobs to save enough money to purchase a couple machines like a LCD seperator and bubble remover to make myself profitable in the repair business. What all do I need to make sure it's done 100% to ifixit standards and is there any were you recommend to buy used machines for a guy that cannot get loan because of mistakes I made when I was younger

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Starting out with refurbishing is a tall step to climb. It requires lot's of expensive equipment and you will have to go through lot's of failed refurbs before perfecting your process. Considering you don't have easy access to loans, I would encourage you to start small. Start with repairing/replacing broken screens and make some money that way. You'll also learn the inside out of the devices and the business in general. Then you can branch out and start with refurbishing.

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I hear what your saying. I have been doing the repairs now for awhile. I usually buy broke phones and tablets and repair then resale. That's how I found my passion for it.

I just see how much cheaper it is to replace just the glass vs the whole screen. I could charge people less and make more profit at the end of the day. Also I still have 75% or all the broken screen I have replaced so I would definitely practice on all of them before I took it to the next level. I'm just tired of doing physical labor up to 16hrs a day and watching other people benefit more from it. I have 2 children and I'm 27. It's time for me to get out there and build something something that I can look back on and feel comfortable that I have something to leave behind for them.


Screen refurbishing won't cut down ur physical labour hours it will increase them lol, u need to seperate the glass which costs equipment, time and electricity, then you need to clean thoroughly and then add the oca and then the glass, almost perfectly... then remove the bubbles which isn't always possible (go back to step 1) then glue the frame...

U could try doing all of that without any equipment to see if it really is something u want to get into


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Jesse kudos to you my friend, you and I are on the same boat. I am a stay at home dad due to a disability but have been fixing friends and families phones for along time now. The other day I fixed my broken lcd on my phone and I show my wife because of course I did thats what every man does,.”look what I did” its like we are eager for someones pat on the back as in approval. She turns to me and says you should fix my co-workers phones they’re always going to that place in front of walmart and they take forever, at that moment a little bell rang in my ear; just do it swoosh. I immediately google what it takes to start a business and while googling I answer my own question.

Start small with LCD/digitizer exchanges and battery optimization aka battery replacement; i give you permission to use it in your advertising. So I thought of a name and logo I used wix.com for my name and logo 20min later I had it the whole design bought the rights to the logo, got my self on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER and FACEBOOK all with the same screen name ordered my cards from vista print.com ordered ifixit pro tools and boom I got my business. Good Luck ifixit youcanfixit wecanfixit. I see ur post is old but hopefully you’re business is thriving by now

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What is your business name now. Would love to look you up


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