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Repair guides and support for tablets manufactured by Supersonic.

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Where can I find a digitizer for my supersonic sc-813 13.3" tablet?

I have a supersonic 13.3" tablet, model sc-813, and I also have 3 kids. The screen is pretty messed up. It still works but it needs to be replaced and I can't find one anywhere. I'm sure I can fix it myself I just can't find it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi @esepos ,

The best that you can try is to open the tablet and check if there is a part number listed on the back of the LCD screen.

It may be that it is the digitizer (touchscreen) that you want to replace and not the LCD screen. In that case, IF the digitizer is a separate piece and not part of the display assembly, then again perhaps there is a part number stamped somewhere on the digitizer or on the cable connected to it.

If there is a part number search online using the part number only to see if there are any results.

I doubt very much that you will be able to source parts for the tablet as a lot of these type of tablets are made by the manufacturer, to be irreparable, so there are no spare parts available.

Also it is no good sourcing a similarly sized digitizer or LCD screen, because even if they had the same connector type and number of wires in the cable linking the screens to the systemboard you cannot be sure that the wires are performing the correct function given their location in the connector. You would need a schematic of the old screens and a schematic of the replacement screens and then see if they were identical.

That type of information is usually not freely available.

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