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2.4GHz, 2.7GHz, or 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache. Released February 2013.

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Possible GPU overheating, getting really hot and shuts off

So my macbook pro is overheating. I have taken it apart and reapplied thermal paste. It will turn it self off due it being so hot right above the keyboard. I will have to unplug it and let it die so it will cool down. I am thinking maybe its the fans not spinning fast enough. or not conducting heat very well. I might be thinking my graphics card is going out. I am not doing anything that graphically intense so I do not know what the issue could be. But it has happened 3 times and it turns on just fine once it cools down. Also the battery says its needs to be serviced so i have a new battery coming in later this week so maybe that is the problem.

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To better diagnose your problem you really need something that shows the built-in thermal sensors and the fans. I recommend this great app: TG Pro. Download it & install it. When the system starts getting hot take a snapshot of the main window and paste it here for us to see.

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I ran haven benchmark and the Gpu temperature got to about 89 degrees C and it shut it self off. But the fans did not rev up.


@nickshorty - Can we try TG Pro please! Click on the blue link above.

It will give you the full rundown of 'ALL' of the sensors and the fans RPM's

I don't doubt your cooking! The question is what is cooking? With the info I'm asking for I can aim you to what you need to address.


I will once it turns back on!


Wrap the system in a tight plastic bag pull as much air out as you can and put the system into the fridg for a few hours (not let it freeze!) That should buy you a bit more time. Use a second system to download and setup a bootable drive which has TG Pro setup and then using the 'Option' key to select the external drive

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If the MacBook restarts (kernel panics) or image goes out (but fans still spinning) it is likely an issue with the soldering on U8900, common problem on this model. If the image goes out but backlight is still there, or it is completely turning off, it is the GPU most likely.

1st scenario, reflowing the solder around U8900 with leaded solder will fix the issue; the joints crack due to the heat from the CPU and GPU on the other side of the board. 2nd scenario, contact Apple and if they won't help, I wouldn't recommend repair. Replacement logic boards have a high chance of developing the same issue, and there are no good GPUs for these anymore.

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